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Web applications&Open-source projects

We believe in better web because we believe in simple things.

We believe that every complex problem has a simple solution.

We have simple solutions to help your web activities grow.

This platform uses the WsdlToPhp project. It allows you to call any SOAP Web service without having to write code. wsdltophp.com

This website allows you to validate your website and keep track of its validity over the time. html-validation.com

Generates PHP classes from any WSDL. Use multiple options to change its behaviour. [Github] WsdlToPhp

Allows you to generate valid and well formated HTML programmatically with PHP. [Github] PHP-Html-Tag

eZ Publish extension that uses the PHP Html tag project in order to generate clean HTML pages. [Github] mdhtmltag

Contextualize your eZ Publish website content based on IP and browser name. [Github] mddetectbots

Eases the integration of AddThis share buttons in your eZ Publish website. It can use MD Detect bots. [Github] mdaddthis

Eases the integration of Google Analytics in eZ Publish. It can use MD Detect bots avoid your own trafic. [Github] mdgoogleanalytics

Eases the integration of Xiti Free. It uses MD Detect bots to avoid tracking your own trafic. [Github] mdxiti